Zeevee Zvsync- Hd Digital Tuner Decoder Qam

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Product TypeCe_accessory
ManufacturerZeevee, Inc.

  • Enables any projector, monitor or other display without a QAM digital tuner to connect to a ZvPro or Hybrid Encoder / RF Modulator
  • Converts coax cable signal to either HDMI or composite video
  • Small and easy to mount near a projector
  • Digital audio output over HDMI or analog audio output via a RCA connection
  • Includes IR sensor and remote control

Have a projector, monitor or other display without a digital tuner? Zvsync is a qam hd digital cable tuner with hdmi & composite outputs. It can be used for any display that is not equipped with a built-in digital tuner, such as: projectors, hdtvs without tuners, commercial displays, monitors, & analog tvs. The zvsync enables you to connect to any zvpro or hdbridge encoder modulator & receive over 100 source channels on your display. Perfect for sports bars, assisted living & education environments where you have both televisions & projectors. The zvsync takes the signal via coax from the zvpro & converts it to either an hdmi or composite video output that can be used on nearly any display.

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