Yes4all Combo Tricep Rope, V-shaped Bar & Revolving Rotating Straight Bar – V-shaped Press Down Bar – Tricep Rope Pull Down – Lat Pull Down Bar

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Product Details
Size22" Tricep Rope
Product TypeSporting goods
ColorCombo Tricep Rope, Rotating Bar & V-shape
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: A 27-inch length cable attachment Tricep rope, an 18-inch length x 1-inch dia straight rotating solid Chrome pull down bar and a V-Shaped Chrome press down bar
  • TEXTURED, NON-SLIP HANDLE: Ergonomic textured grip prevents slipping during workout, knurled handles suitable for all cable systems
  • COMMERCIAL CLASS QUALITY: Solid chrome steel revolving straight, revolving hinge, bar allows unrestricted movement
  • DURABLE BRAIDED TRICEP ROPE: Heavy-duty coated black nylon braided rope (rope length) with solid rubber ends
  • MULTI-USAGES: Ideal for triceps press-downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, seated rows, and many more exercises

Yes4all tricep rope

perfect for all lat pull cable workouts & easily attached to cable clips while the rubber end grips provide a secure gripping surface for the users. Great for workouts such as the cable incline push down, close-grip front lat pull down, straight arm pull downs, under hand cable pull down, & v-bar pull down.

• material: chrome plated solid steel bar- warranty: 90 day limited warranty

• dimension: 12" length, ¼" diameter

• item weight: 12 lbs

• max weight capacity: 500lbs

• color: black braided rope

yes4all rotating straight bar

this bar is a perfect addition to your home gym or smith machine. Ideal for tricep press-downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, seated rows, plus more. This bar the bar features a durable steel construction, revolving hanger, rubber handgrips with rubber ends.

• material: solid chrome steel

• dimension: 18" long, 1" diameter, weight 5 lbs.

• shipping weight: 1.6 pounds

• textured handles, knurling, chrome finish. Commercial class.

yes4all tricep v shaped press down bar

v-shaped press down solid steel bar of yes4all features  a high, polished chrome finish. Ideally used with lat machine, weight lifting & fitness cable attachments for body-building workout.

• Material: Solid Steel Bar With High, Polished Chrome Finish

• Textured & Knurling Handles For Snug Grip

• Shipping Weight: 5.1 Pounds; Dimension: 1 X 1 X 1 Inches

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