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The start menu is back & better than ever so you can expand & customize it. Fast & responsive. Technologies like instantgo let you boot up & resume quickly win 10 comes with apps that work across your devices - photos, maps, music video & more. Win 10 oem is a full version of the operating system not an upgrade. Do things confidently. Win 10 was developed using feedback from millions of people, so you can feel confident that win 10 works the way you want it to. Additionally, win 10 helps you stay current for a worry-free experience with the greatest features & our latest protection against viruses, phishing & malware. A web that works the way you do. The all-new browser is great for getting things done online. Write or type directly on webpages & easily share the mark-ups; you'll also like reading online articles free of distractions. The address bar gives you personalized recommendations to get you quickly to your online destination.

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