Tripp Lite Ls606m 600 Watt Line Conditioner 6 Outlet 120 Volt

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BrandTripp Lite
ManufacturerTripp Lite

  • Extends the useful life of your connected equipment by providing optimum voltage conditions
  • Boasts two levels of voltage stabilization in response to over-voltages and brownouts
  • Consistently maintains regulated 120V nominal output over an input range of 89 to 147V
  • Handles a wide range of loads with its 600-watt/5-amp capacity
  • Unit features 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets and a 6- ft. AC power cord

don’t let power problems ruin your day!

surges, spikes & emirfi line noise wear down sensitive circuitry & can cause premature aging or total failure of your equipment. Tripp lite’s ls606m line conditioner maintains usable 120v nominal output to sensitive electronics during severe brownouts & overvoltages. The ls606m exceeds ieee-587 standards by providing 720 joules of surge protection to connected components & meets ansi c84.1 specifications by automatically adjusting undervoltages & overvoltages to 120v so that valuable equipment keeps working efficiently through unstable power conditions. The ls606m’s emirfi noise filtering also prevents equipment interaction, system interference, lockups, & other power-related audio & video artifacts from affecting connected components. For peace of mind, the ls606m comes with a 2-year product warranty with $10,000 ultimate lifetime insurance coverage for connected equipment (usa & canada only).

ls606m feature focus

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ls606m in the box

versatile protection for sensitive electronics

the ls606m is a comprehensive power protection & performance enhancement solution for computers, av components, point-of-sale equipment, & all electronics requiring clean, regulated power. The ls606m features built-in automatic voltage regulation (avr) to keep sensitive equipment safe from the harmful effects of brownouts & overvoltages, plus a 720-joule surge suppression rating to protect against catastrophic surge damage. The ls606m also filters out disruptive line noise that can cause performance problems & corrupt or erase data.

automatic voltage regulation

to protect connected equipment from the harmful effects of voltage fluctuations & extend the useful life of connected equipment, the ls606m features built-in automatic voltage regulation (avr) with 2 levels of voltage stabilization to provide a targeted response to overvoltages, undervoltages, & severe brownouts. The ls606m corrects brownouts as low as 85v & overvoltages up to 147v back to safe, nominal 120v power for enhanced efficiency & cooler operating temperatures.

powerful surge suppression & emirfi line noise filtering

the ls606m’s 720 joules of surge suppression prevents even the strongest surges from damaging valuable electronics. It includes full normal mode (h-n) & common mode (n-gh-g) line surge suppression for comprehensive surge protection. The ls606m also incorporates technology that filters out disruptive line noise, preventing it from affecting your equipment or corrupting data.

built-in diagnostic capability & compact design

3 diagnostic leds provide power status information at a glance: ac power (green = normal), high voltage level (1 x yellow = trim) & low voltage level (1 x yellow = boost). An onoff switch located on the rear of the unit provides one-touch power control over all components. The ls606m’s compact cabinet (less than 6 inches in height) & 6-ft. Cord make it easy to integrate into a wide range of applications: desktop computer setups, home theater installations, lab benches, & more. With its 600-watt output rating & six outlets, the ls606m supports multiple connected components.

ls606m in use

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environmentally responsible design with 2-year warranty & $10,000 of ultimate lifetime insurance

the ls606m is manufactured in compliance with strict rohs specifications, reflecting tripp lite’s commitment to environmental responsibility. For peace of mind, it comes backed by a 2-year warranty & $10,000 of ultimate lifetime insurance for connected equipment.

tripp lite ls606m line conditioner:

complete brownout, overvoltage, surge & line noise protection in a single cost-effective unit

720-joule surge suppression rating

600-watt, 5-amp load capacity

6 ac outlets; 6-ft. Cord

3 Diagnostic Leds

2-year Product Warranty With $10,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance Coverage For Connected Equipment (Usa & Canada Only)

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