Glucosamine For Dogs - Treats - Joint & Hip Formula With Msm, Chondroitin & Hyaluronic Acid - 65 Soft Chews

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Product Details
Product TypePet supplies
BrandParticular Paws
ManufacturerParticular Paws
  • INCREASED ACTIVITY AND REDUCED PAIN: An active dog is a happy dog! These soft chews contain a host of ingredients designed to support your best friend pain free and mobile. Works to combat stiffness lameness joint pain relief ligament damage cartilage or bone loss and more.
  • PREVENTS PROBLEMS FROM DEVELOPING: This unique formula does not just help repair current issues future mobility problems can be prevented too! As dogs age they have an increased risk of developing arthritis hip dysplasia and similar skeletal problems. Given at an early age you will be providing your dogs body with essential vitamins he needs for self healing so your older pups joints will begin the healing process before the problem can even start.
  • SAFE ALL-NATURAL FORMULA: No chemicals artificial flavors dyes or other questionable ingredients just purely sourced ingredients from Mother Nature herself! We believe in fixing the problem not masking it to extend wellness. Which is why our Joint soft chew treat is drug, medicine and side effect free.
  • NOT JUST FOR SENIOR DOGS: Great for preventing the early onset of arthritis in younger dogs. Arthritis is one of the most common health problems in dogs and owners often miss early warning signs because dogs hide symptoms until they get more severe. Small toy large active young old and purebred dogs are all prone to developing joint conditions. Hip and elbow dysplasia osteoarthritis Wobblers syndrome and more are all common joint hips conditions that could be delayed with a canine supplement.
  • 100 HASSLE-FREE REFUNDS: At Particular Paws we care about our customers. Both the humans and the animals! If you or your dog are not completely satisfied with our Joint and Hip soft chews we will refund your entire purchase price no questions asked.

no matter the age, breed or gender of your pooch all dogs can be affected by limited mobility. Be proactive, start giving your dog the building blocks he needs to restore joint health & functionality today!

don't let joint pain, stiffness & swelling shorten your pup's active lifestyle. Do your part in ensuring they'll have a long, happy life free from pain.

unfortunately, the natural aging process puts almost every dog at risk for mobility problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, & more.

keep your dog up & running with a joint supplement with glucosamine.

our joint & hip soft chews can aid in the healing process of current joint conditions, while delaying or even preventing future issues from developing.

most dogs experience joint degeneration as they age, but some dogs suffer from joint pain due to hereditary or genetic joint complications that has been in the dna since birth.

talk with your veterinarian to learn if your pooch is prone to developing or is currently suffering from a skeletal condition.

whether your dog is suffering from arthritis related to the natural aging process, a hereditary or genetic joint condition, or even just recovering from an injury, we can help.

key natural ingredients include:

glucosamine (shellfish):

helps maintain healthy joints by increasing joint lubrication

chondroitin (porcine):

helps repair worn joint cartilage & reduce inflammation


anti-inflammatory - helps reduce pain & promotes the growth of healthy tissue

at particular paws, we're pet owners, too. These are the same products & supplements we give to our dogs at home. So we understand how seriously you take the health of your furry companions.

help your dog run, play & stay active for life!

order particular paws joint & hip soft chew today!

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Particular Paws
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