Audioquest Forest Usb A To Usb B 0.75m Digital Audio Cable

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Product TypeComputer component

  • USB A to USB B 0.75m Digital Audio Cable
  • Solid LGC Conductors
  • Solid PE Dielectric
  • Low-jitter, Low-distortion
  • Top-notch cables deliver top-notch signal quality to your receiver's USB port. Hear all the detail of your digital music collection: every crashing cymbal, thumping bass line, and tinkling bell

The digital sun has finally emerged with the finest quality consumer digital audio ever available in the form of 2488.2 & 2496 audio files, transferred over usb (universal serial bus) to a new generation of superb dac's (digital audio converters), whether built into today's best receivers & amps, or as stand alone components. Even 44.1k files taken off a cd can provide better-than-cd quality through a usb interface to a premium dac. To ensure that your favorite music is transferred with minimal distortion (jitter), audioquest offers 5 models of usb cable, featuring better metals, critical signal-pair geometry, dielectric bias-system, noise-dissipation system...all of audioquest's proven techniques for delivering superior digital audio.

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