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  • Not at home? Not a problem. As a Prime member, you can get packages securely delivered into your home without being there. Plus, grant access to the people you trust, like your family, friends, dog walker, or house cleaner-no more leaving a key under the mat.
  • Secure access. The In-Home Kit features the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) indoor security camera and an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock.
  • Real-time notifications. We'll send notifications the morning of delivery, just before, and right after. Watch your delivery happening live or view a video clip of it later.
  • Stop making spare keys. Give family and friends temporary, recurring, or permanent access. Or provide one-time access for your electrician or dog walker. You're in control-just schedule the date and time window.
  • Check in on your front door 24/7. The Amazon Key In-Home Kit includes an Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) indoor security camera with 1080p Full HD, night vision, and more-plus an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock for secure access control.
  • Free installation. Get the Amazon Key In-Home Kit installed for free by a professional. Just schedule your installation appointment during checkout.
  • Exclusively for Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas. Enter your zip code to see if Amazon Key is available in your area. Check back as we expand to more cities.

introducing amazon key

not at home? Not a problem.

as a prime member, get your amazon packages securely delivered just inside your front door. Plus, grant access to the people you trust, like your family, friends, dog walker, or house cleaner—no more leaving a key under the mat.

amazon key is exclusively for prime members in select cities & surrounding areas. To get started, purchase the amazon key in-home kit, starting at $249.99. The kit includes: the amazon cloud cam (key edition) indoor security camera & a compatible smart lock from kwikset or yale.

get started today:

1: check your eligibility & get the in-home kit

2: install the kit yourself or take advantage of free installation

3: shop on amazon & select "free in-home delivery" at checkout

how in-home delivery works

1: receive notifications of your upcoming amazon delivery. Amazon will verify your delivery driver.

2: get confirmation that your package was safely delivered.

3: watch the delivery live or view a video clip of it after.

get packages just inside your front door

shop on amazon & select "free in-home delivery" at checkout. On delivery day, you'll receive a notification in the morning & another just before the delivery. Amazon will verify the delivery & unlock your door so the package can be placed just inside. You can watch the delivery live in the amazon key app or see a video of it later. We'll notify you once the delivery is complete & your door is relocked.

let guests in when you're away

no more hiding keys under the mat

create a guest list to let in recurring visitors like dog walkers & house cleaners. Schedule permanent access, so your guests or family members can enter at any time. Give out-of-town visitors temporary access, so they can settle in even when you aren't there. You'll be notified any time your guest locks or unlocks your door.

amazon key for professional service providers

amazon key will provide customers with a convenient way to provide unattended access to professional service providers. This includes services from home cleaning experts merry maids, pet sitters & dog walkers from, as well as over 1,200 services from amazon home services.

what's in the amazon key in-home kit

the amazon key kit comes with an amazon cloud cam (key edition) & an amazon key-compatible smart lock. Get the kit installed for free by a professional. Select at checkout.

frequently asked questions

can i receive in-home delivery if i live in an apartment complex or have a front gate?

yes, as long as the delivery driver can access & enter your front door. For example, you can provide your building or gate code in the amazon key app, which can be securely shared with drivers & guests.

can i receive in-home delivery if i have a pet?

we do not recommend using in-home delivery if your pet can access the front door on delivery day.

what is the happiness guarantee?

all in-home deliveries are backed by amazon key happiness guarantee. If an in-home delivery was not completed to your satisfaction, we'll work with you to correct the problem.

are there special drivers for in-home delivery?

amazon key in-home deliveries are carried out by some of the same professional drivers who you trust to deliver your amazon orders today. These individuals are thoroughly vetted, with comprehensive background checks & motor vehicle records reviews.

what happens on delivery day?

on delivery day, you'll receive a notification in the morning with a 4-hour delivery window for when the delivery driver will arrive at your home. Right before the driver arrives at your door, you will receive an "arriving now” notification & you can optionally watch the delivery happening live. The driver will knock first & then request to unlock your door with their amazon handheld scanner. Amazon verifies that the package belongs to the address & the driver is near the door, turns on amazon cloud cam & unlocks your door. No special codes or keys are given to the driver. The driver will then place the package just inside your door & request to relock the door. Once the delivery is complete & your door is relocked, you'll get a final notification & can watch a video clip of the delivery.

is amazon key compatible with my front door?

amazon key-compatible smart locks are compatible with standard deadbolts mounted separately from the handle & standard doors between 1-38 & 2 inches in thickness.

how do i select in-home delivery at checkout?

after you register your amazon key in-home kit & address in the amazon key app, you will see the "free in-home delivery" shipping option at check-out for eligible prime items.

what happens if someone is home on delivery day?

on delivery day, the driver will knock before requesting access. You can also select "block access” in the amazon key app at any time up until the package is delivered. The delivery driver will then follow your standard amazon delivery process.

what if i already own a cloud cam or smart lock?

in order to activate amazon key in-home, you need an amazon cloud cam (key edition) & an amazon key-compatible smart lock.

what if i have a home security system?

amazon key is not integrated with home security systems. On the day of delivery, you will need to disarm your home security alarm. We do not recommend using in-home delivery if you are not comfortable disarming your security system on delivery day.

where do i need to install cloud cam?

to fully record your in-home delivery, cloud cam needs to be installed inside your home within 25 feet of your smart lock & facing your front door.

want to learn more?

speak with a customer service representative today to get answers to any remaining questions.

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