4 Port Pci Express (Pcie) Superspeed Usb 3.0 Card Adapter W 2 Dedicated 5gbps Channels - Uasp - Sata Lp4 Power

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Product Details
Size4 Ext Dual Bus
Product TypeComputer component

  • Increase the efficiency of your USB 3.0 devices with two dedicated bus channels and up to 5 Gbps of bandwidth per channel
  • Time-saving file transfers, up to 70% faster than traditional USB 3.0 when used with a UASP-supported enclosure
  • Power high-powered USB devices as necessary, with the optional LP4 or SATA power connector
  • Provides four external, USB 3.0 Ports on two independent bus channels
  • Supports up to 10 Gbps total transfer bandwidth - Up to 5 Gbps per two ports
  • UASP support across all four ports
  • PCIe x4 interface compliant with PCI Express 2.0 specifications
  • Optional LP4 or SATA power connector provides up to 900mA per USB port
  • Add four USB 3.0 ports with two independent channels LP/SATA power and charging support to your PC through a PCI Express slot
  • Compatible with HP Pro 4300 / Dell OptiPlex 3010
  • 4 Port PCIe USB 3.0 Card w/ 2 Dedicated 5Gbps Channels / USB 3.0 UASP Card
  • USB 3.0 Controller
  • USB 3.0 Expansion Card with UASP / SATA Powered USB 3.0 Adapter Card w/ 2 channels and up to 5 Gbps of bandwidth per channel
  • USB 3.0 PCIe Card with USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 (Apple Mode device charging only)

Add four usb 3.0 ports with two independent channels, lpsata power, & charging support to your pc through a pci express slot. The pexusb3s42v 4-port pci express usb 3.0 card lets you add four usb 3.0 ports with two dedicated 5 gbps channels to your pcie x4-enabled pc. This independent port architecture improves usb 3.0 performance by transferring data on two individual channels to your computer, giving you faster file transfers. When multiple devices are connected, traditional single bus usb 3.0 cards share your maximum bandwidth between all ports. By employing a second host controller chip set, the transmission channel is shared across two ports rather than four. Dedicating up to 5 gbps for each set of two ports reduces performance bottlenecks, & effectively doubles your total available to bandwidth to 10 gbps. Enhanced with uasp support (usb attached scsi protocol), this usb 3.0 controller performs up to 70% faster than conventional usb 3.0 when paired with a uasp supported enclosure (note: uasp requires a compatible operating system). Using a more efficient protocol than the traditional usb bot (bulk-only transport), uasp technology optimizes transfers by allowing multiple commands to be processed simultaneously, significantly increasing transfer speeds for less wait time on data transfers. For high-power usb devices, this pcie usb 3.0 card includes an optional sata or lp4 power connector to connect to your system power supply & deliver up to 900ma of power per port to usb 3.0 bus-powered devices (500ma for usb 2.0). The usb 3.0 card also supports usb battery charging specification 1.2 (apple mode only), letting you charge compatible apple devices (i phones & ipad) faster than a standard usb 3.0 port.

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